Charity Event was Organized by Old Tbilisi District Prosecutor’s Office

2018-02-27 12:32:09

Employees of the Tbilisi District Prosecutor’s Office visited a day center-social therapy house for persons with disabilities.

The employees of the Prosecutor’s Office visited the beneficiaries of the center, saw the workshop at the center and purchased items created by the persons with disabilities. The proceeds from the sold items will be used for the needs of the day center.

25 persons are employed in the social enterprise and majority of the employees are persons with disabilities. The enterprise produces wax, wood, felt and paper-made items for domestic or decorative uses. The therapy house also offers services such as typing of text, designing, printing flyers and catalogs.

The event took place as part of the Project “Public Prosecutor” and intended to financial help the beneficiaries of the center as well as their integration and socialization into the society.