Beneficiaries of Caritas Georgia Visit Theatre Within the Frameworks of the Project “Community Prosecution”

19 January 2018 16:21
Gldani-Nadzaladevi District Prosecutor’s Office organized the visit of the Beneficiaries of the Caritas Georgia at the theatre, them to attend the performance “Martla” with the support of Tumanishvili Film Actors Theatre

Summary of 2017 of the Project Community Prosecution

16 January 2018 11:05

The Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia has been successfully implementing the project “Community Prosecution” for 10 years, aiming at preventing crime, raising public awareness and increasing accountability of the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia in front of the society. In 2017, all the district Prosecutor’s offices were involved in the project, accordingly “Community Prosecution”

Representatives of the Prosecutor’s Office Hold a Meeting with Students on the Issues of Drug-Related Crimes

21 December 2017 11:06

Representatives of the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia conducted a public lecture for students on the issues of drug-related crimes at Ilia State University. The event was organized based on the application of the students club ‘E Pluribus Unum’ and about 50 students attended it

Vake-Saburtalo District Prosecutor’s Office Arranges a Visit of Public Schools Pupils at the Police Academy

08 December 2017 13:27

Vake-Saburtalo District Prosecutor’s Office arranged a visit of public schools supils at the Police Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where their learned about training of police officers. Within the scope of the event held with the support of Vake-Saburtalo Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

A Meeting with Public School Pupils on Legal Issues Held at the Chief Prosecutor’s Office

08 December 2017 11:05

Tbilisi Prosecutor’s Office organized a meeting with pupils from various public schools regarding various legal matters. During the meeting held at the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia, representatives of the Chief Prosecutor’s Office and Prosecutors of Tbilisi district prosecutor’s offices talked pupils

Sachkhere District Prosecutor’s Office Organizes a Basketball Match for Pupils of Public Schools

06 December 2017 16:02

Sachkhere District Prosecutor’s Office has organized a sports event for pupils of public schools.

A Tree Planting Action Held at the Initiative of Batumi District Prosecutor’s Office

20 November 2017 14:44

A tree planting Action has been held in Batumi at the initiative of Batumi District Court and with the support of Green Spaces and Landscape Planning Service of Batumi City Hall. Prosecutors of Batumi District Prosecutors Office and pupils of Batumi Public School planted trees and plants in Shindisi Park near Orbeliani Street

Cleaning Activity is Carried out Under Organization of the Office of Senaki District Prosecutor’s Office

14 November 2017 18:42

Pupils of N3 Senaki Public school took part in the event which was carried out with the support of Senaki educational resource-center