Court Finds Three Accused Guilty in Robbery Committed in Group

03 April 2018 10:15

The Kutaisi City Court has fully accepted the evidences, submitted by the prosecution and found V. P., A. T. and S. T., accused in robbery, guilty under the Criminal Code of Georgia, Article  179, part two, subparagraphs B and C and part three, subparagraph C

Prosecutor's Office Charged a 65-year-old Coach on the Fact of Filthy Behaviour with a Minor and Requests Imprisonment as a Preventive Measure

02 April 2018 18:48

The Prosecutor's Office of Georgia charged a 65-year-old coach A.V. on the fact of filthy behavior with a Minor under the Criminal Code of Georgia, Article 141, first part. The investigation found that on March 23, 2018, the coach of the football team

Prosecutor's Office Has Charged the Convicted G.G. on the Fact of Illegal Purchase, Storage and illegal Import of Drugs to Georgia in Large Quantities

02 April 2018 15:31

Prosecutor's Office of Georgia charged a convicted G.G. for illegal purchase, storage and illegal import of drugs to Georgia by the organized group under the Criminal Code of Georgia, Article 260, sixth part

Court Sentenced the Accused of Attempted Intentional Heavy Injury of Health and Threatening of the 13-year-old Teenager to Imprisonment as a Preventive Measure

30 March 2018 20:24

The Tbilisi City Court accepted the motion of the prosecution and sentenced R.G., a citizen of Azerbaijan to imprisonment as a preventive measure, accused of attempted intentional heavy injury of health to the juvenile, and threatening life

Workshop was Held at Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia on the Topic of Prevention of Crime

30 March 2018 18:08

On the topic of prevention of crime, workshop was held at Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia. The event was opened by Giorgi Gabitashvili, Deputy Chief Prosecutor of Georgia, and Pim Albers, the team leader at EU project The Criminal Justice Support Programme

Prosecutors and Investigators of the Prosecutor's Office are Taking a Specialization Course on the Topic of Fighting the Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence

30 March 2018 14:46

Prosecutors and Prosecutor’s Office system’s investigators are taking a specialization course  on the topic of fighting the violence against women and domestic violence. Specialized teaching’s goal is to heighten the qualification and strengthen the capabilities

Supreme Court Delivers a Guilty Verdict in the Case of Murder of D.O.

30 March 2018 10:43

On the basis of cassation of appeal submitted by the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia, The Supreme Court overturned the judgement of acquittal of the Tbilisi Court of Appeals and found A.B. accused of premeditated murder of D.O, guilty under the Criminal Code of Georgia, Article 108

Citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan Charged with Trafficking was Sentenced to Deprivation of Liberty for a Term of 12 Years

30 March 2018 10:13

Batumi City Court completely accepted the evidence submitted by prosecution and found M.U., a citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan, guilty of trafficking under the Criminal Code of Georgia, Article 1431, third part, subsection ,,g’’