Unlawfully Confiscated Property Valued at More than GEL 10 000 000 to Be Returned to Affected Citizens by the Decision of the Prosecution Service

03 April 2017 12:36

Department to Investigate Offences Committed in the Course of Legal Proceedings, Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia, has made another final decision, on the grounds of which, the affected citizens shall regain possession of unlawfully confiscated several million GEL worth land plots located in the area

Court Finds Defendants in ‘Center Point’ Case - Maia Rcheulishvili and Rusudan Kervalishvili - Guilty

31 March 2017 12:54

Tbilisi City Court has upheld the evidence submitted by the Prosecution and found Maia Rcheulishvili and Rusudan Kervalishvili guilty of fraudulently obtaining large funds and embezzlement under Article 180 §2(a) and §3(b) (lands count – amended as of April 28, 2006)

The Event was held For the Children With Autism Spectrum By the Initiative of Prosecutor’s Office

30 March 2017 16:49

Deputy Chief Prosecutor of Georgia Giorgi Gogadze and employees of Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia took part in entertaining-cognitive event held  for the children with autism spectrum related to international Autism Awareness Day. 40 children gathered in Mtatsminda Park were given possibility to participate in different entertaining programs

Court Sentences the Defendant to Deprivation of Liberty for 10 Years for Aggravated Robbery of a Service Center of the Bank of Georgia

30 March 2017 10:53

Tbilisi City Court completely upheld the evidence submitted by prosecution and found Dimitri Golava guilty of aggravated robbery of a service center of the Bank of Georgia under Article 179 §2(b) and §3(c) of the Criminal Code of Georgia

Court Sentences Defendant G. Chkopoia to Deprivation of Liberty for 14 Years

29 March 2017 16:05

Gori District Court accepted the evidence submitted by the Prosecution and found Gogita Chkopoia guilty of failure to execute a valid judgement and of violation of traffic safety rules and the rules for operating transport, that resulted in less serious and serious injuries, and in death of two persons as well

Prosecutors Visit Great Britain Regarding the Issues of Fighting Hate Crimes

29 March 2017 13:40

Georgian prosecutors have been on a two-day visit in Great Britain regarding the issues of fighting hate crimes. The project was carried out with the support of the Council of Europe and it aims to share effective international practice, exchange experience and improve qualifications of Georgian prosecutors it terms of fighting hate crimes

Court Finds D. Chkhitunidze, Defendant in Girgvliani Case, Guilty

28 March 2017 17:07

Tbilisi City Court completely accepted the evidence submitted by the Prosecution and found former Deputy Head of General Inspection of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia Davit Chkhitunidze guilty of commission of official misconduct under the Article 333 of the Criminal Code of Georgia

Retraining Program Launched for Prosecutors and Investigators within the Prosecution System Starts on the Issues of Fighting Against Discrimination

27 March 2017 17:30

Collaborating with the Council of Europe, Prosecution Service of Georgia is carrying out a project, within the framework of which every prosecutor and Investigator of the prosecution system will gradually cover the retraining course till the end of the current year