Prosecutor’s Office Ceases Investigation Launched on the Fact of Discovering Weapon and Ammunition in Residential House of O.Tsotsoria

20 May 2017 16:40

Investigation was launched under Article  236 (2) on the basis of operative information received on 18th May of 2017 year in Khelvachauri Regional Division of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia,  according to which  firearms and ammunition were illegally stored in residential house of O.Tsotsoria

Chief Prosecutor’s Office Hosts Students in the Framework of Project “ One Day as a Prosecutor”

20 May 2017 13:24

Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia hosted students of law faculty of various universities in the framework of project “One Day as a Prosecutor”.
Students were introduced to the history, structure, major directions of activity of the Prosecutor’s Office and existing projects in the agency in the framework of 2-day term event

Information Meetings with Students Held in Regions Regarding Internship Contest

19 May 2017 11:27

Information meetings have been held in various universities countrywide regarding the internship contest announced at the Prosecution Service of Georgia. Universities in Batumi, Kutaisi, Gori and Akhaltsikhe hosted the meetings

Delegation of the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia Is on a Business Trip to the Kingdom of Netherlands

17 May 2017 11:53

Delegation of the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia, led by Chief Prosecutor Irakli Shotadze, is on a business trip to the Kingdom of Netherlands. Within the scope of the visit, Chief Prosecutor of Georgia met Attorney-General and President of the Public Prosecutors’ Council of Netherlands - Gerrit van der Bur

Court Sentences Defendant Accused of Misappropriation of Public Budget Funds Amounted to 5 Million Lari to Deprivation of Liberty for a Term of 8 Years

16 May 2017 18:14

Batumi City Court upheld the evidence submitted by prosecution and found I.Ts. guilty of misappropriating especially large funds of Autonomous Republic of Adjara budget under Article 182§2 (d) of the Criminal Code of Georgia. Evidence presented at the trial hearing confirmed

Consideration of the Case of One Person Being Defendant in Center Point Case Concluded at the Court

15 May 2017 15:00

Consideration of the case of I.Ts. who was accused of assistance in misappropriation of large funds, misappropriation of large funds and concealment of property in Center Point case has been concluded at Tbilisi City Court. Charges indicted against I.Ts. were the following: on September 7, 2010, between and by Maia Rcheulishvili, Vakhtang Rcheulishvili and Rusudan Kervalishvili

Prosecution Service of Georgia Announces Internship Recruitment Contest

15 May 2017 13:03

Prosecution Service of Georgia announces another phase of recruitment of interns. Candidates are able to apply from today.  A person willing to participate in the contest must be a citizen of Georgia with legal education or a graduand. Age of applicant must not be less than 21 years

Prosecution Arrests 6 persons for Degrading and Inhuman Treatment of Prisoners

11 May 2017 14:02

Officers of the Office of the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia, on the basis of the court ruling, has arrested former employees of #8 Penitentiary – Malkhaz Ghviniashvili, Nugzar Marghia, Zaza Kharaishvili, Vakhtang Gugutsidze, Davit Chikhladze and Davit Nozadze with charges of degrading and inhuman treatment of prisoners