Project Presentations Held at Tbilisi Prosecutor’s Office

08 September 2017 12:56

Implementation of the projects ‘Local Council’ and ‘Public Prosecutor’s Office’ have been launched under organization of Tbilisi Prosecutor’s Office. First meeting of the local council and project presentations were held at Tbilisi Public Service Hall in the presence of Prosecutor of Tbilisi Mikheil Shakulashvili and his deputy, representatives from Chief Prosecutor’s Office

29 Successful Interns Appointed to Vacant Positions at the Agencies of the Prosecutor’s Office

06 September 2017 12:40

29 individuals with best results have been appointed to vacant positions of prosecutors and investigators after having undergone one-year internship at various agencis of the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia. Chief Prosecutor Irakli Shotadze has met the newly appointed prosecutors and investigators along with his deputies today

Prosecutor’s Office Applies to Ukraine with a Request to Detain and Extradite M. Saakashvili

05 September 2017 15:05

Prosecutor’s Office once more filed a motion with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine requesting to detain and extradite Mikheil Saakashvili. It should be noted, that according to the Ukrainian law, when a criminal case is on an investigation stage, General Prosecutor’s Office considers extradition matters

Court Find Giorgi Mamaladze Guilty and Sentences him to Deprivation of Liberty for 9 Years

05 September 2017 13:06

Today, based on the evidence submitted by prosecution and investigated during the trial hearing, Giorgi Mamaladze has been found guilty of preparing the murder of Shorena Tetruashbili and illegal purchase and storage of firearms and ammunition under Article 18,108 and Article 236 of the Criminal Code of Georgia

Prosecutor’s Office Makes a Decision to Review Judgements of Unlawfully Convicted Political Prisoners

04 September 2017 12:43

Department to Investigate Offenses Committed in Course of Legal Proceedings of the Chief Prosecutor’s  Office of Georgia has made a decision to review judgements of conviction of the political prisoners – Gia Salukvadze and Teimuraz Zhghenti

Prosecutor’s Office Demands to Impose Detention on an Individual Arrested on Violence Charges

01 September 2017 14:27

Ozurgeti District Prosecutor’s Office has brought charges against G.D. on the fact of violence against two or more persons under Article 126§11(c) of the Criminal Code of Georgia. Investigation revealed that, Ozurgeti district local G.D. planned violence against his former spouse’s husband G.Ts. and former mother-in-law N.Sh, since he was aggrieved at them

Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia Arrests Two Individuals for Fraud

31 August 2017 19:18

Offices of the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia arrested two citizens for attempting fraudulently obtain large monetary funds. Investigation conducted so far revealed that, for the purpose to fraudulently obtain large monetary funds, former deputy head of Tbilisi City Hall Architecture Service L.Dz. with a prior agreement with private architect V.M. planned

Court Sentences Defendants to Deprivation of Liberty for 18 and 20 Year Terms for Aggravated Murder and Aggravated Robbery

24 August 2017 13:52

Kutaisi City Court upheld the evidence submitted by the Prosecutor’s Office and found J.B. and G.N guilty of aggravated murder and aggravated robbery under Article 109§2(e),§3(c) and Article 179§2(b),§4(b) of the Criminal Code of Georgia