Court of Appeals Fully Upheld the Judgement of Conviction against Former Officers of Department of Corrections for Torturing and Treating Prisoners in Degrading and Inhuman Manner

22 March 2019 15:44

Tbilisi Court of Appeals fully upheld the judgement of conviction by Tbilisi City Court dated February 6, 2018, according to which, seven former offices of No. 8 Facility of the Department of Corrections were found guilty of torture, degrading and inhuman treatment 

Defendant Accused for Extortion of Ex-wife and Domestic Violence has been Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison

22 March 2019 11:18
Tbilisi City Court upheld evidences produced by the prosecution and found T. J. the defendant accused for extortion of his ex-wife and domestic violence guilty. Evidences investigated during the trial confirmed that during the period from December 2016 to 14 June 2018, in Tbilisi, T. J. systematically insulted T. L. his ex-wife verbally. In May 2018

Defendant Accused for Premeditated Murder has been Sentenced to 11 Years in Prison on the basis of Evidence Produced by the Prosecutor`s Office

21 March 2019 13:58

Rustavi City Court fully upheld evidences produced by the Prosecutor`s Office and found I. V. the defendant accused for premeditated murder guilty. Evidences investigated during the trial confirmed that on 25 June 2018, at night, in village Ivanovka, Tetritskaro district, I. V. who was on probation for theft

Prosecutors and Lawyers have Undergone Joint Distant Learning Course on Juvenile Justice

20 March 2019 17:14

With support of the Council of Europe, representatives of the Prosecutor`s Office of Georgia and Georgian Bar Association have undergone a joint distant learning course on juvenile justice. Giorgi Gabitashvili Deputy Chief Prosecutor of Georgia, Christian Urse head of the Council of Europe`s Office in Georgia

Convict Charged with Four Counts of Human Trafficking and Murder in Aggravating Circumstances Has Been Sentenced to Imprisonment for 20 Years

20 March 2019 13:24

Kutaisi Court of Appeals upheld the judgement of conviction rendered by Batumi City Court of March 19, 2014, according to which, N.R., citizen of Uzbekistan, convicted of four counts of human trafficking and contract killing, committed by a group aiming to cover another crime

Citizen of Islamic Republic of Iran Accused for Purchasing, Storage and Importing Narcotic Drug to Georgia Illegally has been Sentenced to 16 Years

19 March 2019 14:01

Tbilisi City Court upheld evidences produced by the prosecution and found citizen of Islamic Republic of Iran O. A. the defendant accused for illegally crossing of Georgian border, purchasing and storage especially large quantities of narcotic drugs illegally and importing to Georgia guilty

Third Stage of Internship Contest has Ended

18 March 2019 18:55

Three stages of internship contest announced by the Prosecutor`s Office of Georgia has ended. 1214 applicants submitted the applications at the contest. Participants exceeded minimum limit of each stage in order to go to the second stage. Two stages of the test in professional and general skills were held at Test Center of Georgian National University SEU

Persons accused for bribery and assistance in bribery were sentenced imprisonment for 6-6 years

18 March 2019 16:54

The Tbilisi City Court has fully accepted the evidence submitted by the Prosecutor's Office and the head of the first Division of Special Operations Department of the Main Division of Operative Maintenance and Monitoring of the Military Police Department of the General headquarters of the Georgian Armed Forces- G.G