Statement issued by Prosecutor’s Office regarding seizure of M. Saakashvili’s property

2014-09-19 17:19:41

As is known, the ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili is accused of embezzlement of state budget funds of 8 837 461.34 GEL and  he inflicted a tremendous material damage to the state. As the accused president has been absconding during investigation, there was a proved reason that in order to avoid expected responsibility he would alienate or otherwise hide the property registered in his name or in the name of the people related to him which would prevent reimbursement of the damage to the state. For this purpose, based on the mediation of the prosecutor’s office through the judgments issued by Tbilisi City Court on 29 August and by Tbilisi Appeal Court on 3 September, the movable and immovable property belonging to the accused Mikheil Saakashvili and the people related to him was arrested.
Property owned by Mikheil Saakashvili :
1) Agricultural land  2 332 sq /m area located in Kvareli;
2) Agricultural land  1 316 sq /m area located in Kvareli;
3) Agricultural land  2 441 sq /m area located in Kvareli;
4) Agricultural land  1 207 sq /m area located in Kvareli;
5) Agricultural land  6 820 sq /m area located in Kvareli together with 97 sq/m premises;
6) Agricultural land  682 sq /m area located in Kvareli;
7) Agricultural land  1 668 sq /m area located in Kvareli;
8) Agricultural land  2 637 sq /m area located in Kvareli;
9) Automobile Brand: HONDA ACCORD  (made in 1988).
The property owned by Sandra Rulovs :
Apartment located at # 9 Barnovi Street. Tbilisi, 154 sq/m and  Garret of 164 sq/m.

Property and share in enterprise belonging to Giuli Alasania:
1) ) Agricultural lands  1 313 sq /m, 251 sq/m and 334 sq/m area located in Kvareli;
2) 172.80 sq/m apartment in Batumi at # 5 Chavchavadze street;
3) Giuli Alasania’s 50% share in Ltd. “IYJI GARDEN”.

Mzia Tsereteli’s own property:
1) 197 sq/m apartment at # 37 Ilia Chavchavadze Ave. Tbilisi that is under construction;
 2) Agricultural plot of land of about  500 sq/m in the village Natanebi in Ozurgeti region;
3) Automobile Brand - TOYOTA RAV4 (made in 2010).

Property belonging to Nikoloz Saakashvili:
Automobile TOYOTA LANDCRUISER LC 200 (made in 2014).

Tbilisi City Court's decision was appealed by the defendant in Tbilisi Court of appeal, which was rejected.