Briefing at the Office of Prosecutor General

2019-07-04 15:14:59
Due to high public interest, we would like to inform you that there is being conducted  investigation at the Prosecutor’s Office and the Central Criminal Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia on the fact of organizing, leading and participating in group violence during the manifestation held on June 20-21, 2019 in front of the Georgian Parliament.
On the basis of the analysis of further investigative activities, evidence obtained and testimony given by dozens of witnesses, the investigative body came to the conclusion that from the 20th of June until the 21st of June, during the night, 2019, certain individuals, through the rebellion, were planning to violently overthrow and seize the state government. There has been established that the first phase of implementation of this intention was aimed at attacking the Georgian Parliament, which would lead to further criminal actions throughout the country, that was neutralized by the direct efforts of the law enforcement agencies of Georgia. Accordingly, the legal qualification has been specified on the criminal case and the investigation in the Ministry of Internal Affairs will continue with Article 225 and Article 315§3 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which implies a revolt in order to overthrow and seize the government, that was followed by severe consequences. In the nearest future, the number of the accused persons will increase, and the society will be periodically informed.
The Prosecutor's Office of Georgia proceeds with the investigation on the fact of organizing, leading and participating in group violence against the member of Parliament - Nikanor Melia. He is charged with the offence punishable under Article 225 of the Criminal Code of Georgia. Additional investigative actions have been conducted on the case, witnesses and victims have been interviewed. At this stage, up to 60 people have given testimony to the investigation.
Additionally, the intensive investigation is underway on the fact of alleged excess of power by the law enforcers against individual participants of the demonstration near the Parliament building on June 20-21.
A special investigation team has been created. In the course of the investigation, about 170 people have been interviewed, including the injured people, journalists, and other media representatives.
Based on the warrant of the court, there have been collected the medical records from all 15 hospitals the injured people, the journalists, and the law enforcers were hospitalized at, as well as the rubber bullets and other items used by the police. The forensic medical examination is already underway.
The video-audio and photos reflecting the events taking place in front of the Parliament, the total number of which exceeds several hundred files, have been requested from various TV companies and mass media. Study and analysis of the above-mentioned materials is underway. In addition, the Investigative Agency carefully records all the locations where the police units were operating -  there have also been collected video materials recorded by private surveillance cameras placed at private and public institutions.
Within the scope of the investigation, the Prosecutor's Office addressed the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the request to provide full information about the police operation carried out on June 20-21, 2019.
In order to ensure transparency of the investigative process, the Prosecutor General's Office of Georgia has been closely working with the Public Defender and NGOs. For this purpose, they have already been asked to submit all available information on the fact of possible offenses.
The investigation examines separate episodes in details where signs of potential excess of power by the law enforcement officers are revealed. All necessary investigative and procedural actions will be taken in order to make a final decision in the shortest possible time.