Prosecutors and investigators have been awarded the certificates

2019-07-01 16:47:33
In the frames of cooperation between the Council of Europe and the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia, using HELP platform, the prosecutors and investigators have undergone a joint distance learning course on violence against women and domestic violence. The representatives of the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and the Council of Europe addressed the participants to congratulate them on the successful completion of the educational process and awarded them with the certificates.
The distance learning module, along with the theoretical materials, was loaded with practical tasks and exercises. The program included both - the international and European legal framework and case law that aims to prevent violence against women and girls as well as to protect them. The course was jointly undergone by the representatives of the Georgian Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which greatly contributes to the exchange of experience and improving coordinated activities. 
At the ceremony, the spokesmen summarized the results of the training course and talked about the importance of future active cooperation.
Combating violence against women and domestic violence is one of the main priorities of the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia. The process of improvement of staff qualification level in this direction will be continued in the future.