There was held a working meeting on multi-sectoral cooperation against drug-related crime

2019-06-28 18:41:58
With the support of the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia and the European Union, there was held a working meeting to support multi-sectoral cooperation against drug addiction and drug-related crime. Within the framework of the meeting, the main focus was made on the importance of cooperation between the agencies and current challenges in this direction in the fight against drug abuse and drug-related crime. Also, the participants of the workshop got acquainted with the opinions on drug policy in Georgia, drug policy challenges in the crime prevention system, medical needs of the drug addicts, drug prevention assignments and plans in schools. After delivering the speeches, the meeting continued in the interaction and discussion mode.
The representatives of 10 agencies attended the workshop, including the Prosecutor’s office of Georgia, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of IDPs from the Occupied Territories, Labor, Health and Social Affairs, Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, National Centre for Disease Control and Public Health, Revenue Service, the representatives of the Center for Mental Health and Prevention of Addiction.
The workshop was held in partnership with the European Union "EU Action Against Drugs and Organized Crime" (EU-ACT). The goal of the joint workshop was to deepen the co-operation between the agencies, introduce common practice and share successful experiences.