Briefing at the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia

2019-06-24 14:34:52
The General Prosecutor's Office of Georgia started an investigation into the criminal case of possible exceeding of authority from the Law Enforcers against certain participants of the demonstration held nearby the Georgian Parliament, on Rustaveli Avenue, on June 20-21, 2019 - an offence punishable under Article 333§3 (b) of the Criminal Code of Georgia. 
All the necessary investigative and procedural actions are carried out in order to investigate the facts of possible exceeding of power during the use of physical force and special means envisaged by the Law by the Law Enforcers against the participants of the demonstration.
In order to make a final decision on the case, it is extremely important to create a full picture of the incident not leave even the minor violation without proper reaction.
For this purpose, the Prosecutor's Office addresses the society to provide them with any evidence available in addition to the photo-video materials obtained by the Prosecutor’s Office itself, in order to get the relevant legal response in the shortest period regarding all violations and crime facts.
Furthermore, to ensure maximum transparency in the investigative process and accordance with the international best practice, the General Prosecutor's Office expresses its readiness to engage the Public Defender in the process to fully guarantee human rights’ protection supervision.