There was held a meeting with the internship candidates at the Office of Prosecutor General of Georgia

2019-06-10 13:14:19

There was held a meeting with the successful participants of the interns’ program at the Prosecutor General's Office of Georgia. First Deputy Prosecutor General of Georgia Mamuka Vasadze and Deputy Prosecutor General of Georgia Giorgi Gogadze met with the internship candidates.

Internship candidates got acquainted with those processes planned for their preparation and development. They will undergo special training at the first stage. Within the course of the study, candidates will receive expertise about criminal, criminal procedure, professional ethics, international law, human rights, and personal data, as well as legal writing, communication, judicial skills and other important professional issues. The curriculum is focused on the development of practical skills that will enable them to carry out professional activities in the future.

 After the completion of the study process, successful participants will be employed at the territorial bodies of the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia for one year paid internship. From this stage, the selected and trained mentors will be involved in their development. In the framework of the project, with the support of experienced prosecutors, interns will be able to get acquainted with organizational culture, knowledge necessary for professional activities, skills development and, practical challenges.

In February 2019, 1214 applicants applied for the internship program at the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia. 38 best candidates were selected as a result of the four-stage competition. After selecting electronic applications, the interns passed the tests in specialty and general skills, and the final stage was an interview with the internship commission at the bodies of the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia. Candidates have been selected based on their professional expertise and skills.