Office of the Prosecutor General of Georgia hosted the students

2019-06-08 12:07:33
There was held a meeting with the Law students of different higher education institutions at General Prosecutor's Office of Georgia. Nino Aghlemashvili, the Head of Unit for Ensuring Effective Support of State Prosecution on Jury Trial Cases of the Office of Prosecutor General of Georgia met them.  She talked about the system of jury trials and the importance of public engagement in this process. The event was organized on the basis of a request of a group of young criminologists and was attended by up to 50 participants.
In the frames of the meeting, the participants obtained information on the judicial skills, jury selection session, procedures and criteria for jury selection. There was also covered the issue of questioning the candidates for jury trials and their confidence building techniques.
Promoting youth development and raising legal awareness is one of the main priorities of the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia. In this direction, the Prosecutor's Office actively cooperates with various higher education institutions and student organizations. The system will not spare its efforts to raise young people's legal awareness and carry out targeted projects in the future.