The Prosecutor's Office of Georgia celebrated the professional day

2019-05-30 18:26:45
President of Eurojust Ladislav Hamran has paid his first official visit to Georgia to celebrate the professional day of the employees of the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia. 
President of Eurojust had his first working meeting with the Prosecutor General of Georgia Shalva Tadumadze, left a memorable note in the book of impressions and together with Shalva Tadumadze, planted a tree of friendship between Georgia and Eurojust in the yard of the Prosecutor's Office. 
The day of the employees of the Prosecutor's Office was celebrated at the State Ceremonies Palace, President of Georgia Salome Zourabichvili, Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze, President of Eurojust Ladislav Hamran and Vice-Speaker of the Georgian Parliament Tamar Chugoshvili congratulated the representatives of the Prosecutor's Office on their day.  
"Over the years, this agency has implemented very important reforms and today we are absolutely independent state system of the European system based on human rights. Mr. Investigators and Mr. Prosecutors, congratulations on your professional day, wish you success and expertise and wish you had a maximum level of independence as prosecutors. I am absolutely convinced that we will continue performing our duties in the more motivated way and by dignity, proficiency, and liberty" - the Prosecutor General Shalva Tadumadze addressed the prosecutors in this way and congratulated them on their professional day. 
Ladislav Hamran, President of Eurojust, congratulated the Georgian Prosecutor's Office employees on the professional day in Georgian and highlighted the cooperation between the states and the necessity and importance of fighting against transnational organized crime.
Based on the recommendation of the Prosecutor General of Georgia, the President of Georgia awarded the Prosecutor Office employees with the Order of Honor for the special contribution to strengthening the justice and order.
The Prosecutor General of Georgia Shalva Tadumadze awarded the Prosecutors with the title of Honorary employee and delivered the badges for performing duties in good faith, performance and high professional level.
Lucas Star, Vice-President of Eurojust delivered a presentation for manager prosecutors at the working meeting after the official part of the event. At the meeting, the representatives of Eurojust and Prosecutor's Office of Georgia discussed prospects of deepening Georgia's cooperation with Eurojust, as well as the possibilities of joint struggle against transnational crime and organized crime.