There was held a training for prosecutors on gender and sex discrimination issues

2019-05-11 12:33:53
There was held a training on gender and sex discrimination issues for specialized prosecutors on family and hatred motivated crimes. The course was oriented on introduction of international standards and legal themes, as well as practical experiences, discussion of casus and formation of proper attitudes.
The two-day training included important issues such as gender and sex discrimination and violence, identification of motive in case of gender motivated case, issues of femicide, existing stereotypes, transphobic violence and discrimination, ethics and peculiarities of working with the victims of violence. The training was led by the representatives of the Women's Initiatives Support Group. The training was interactive and the participants had the opportunity to discuss challenges in practical activity.
The training was carried out within the framework of the project "Promotion of Independence of the Prosecutor’s Office through Monitoring and Engagement". It is realized by the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) with the support of the European Union (EU). The training was co-financed by Open Society – Georgia Foundation (OSGF). One of the main priorities of the project is to strengthen the capacity of prosecutors in relation to hatred motivated crimes and violence against women.