The Prosecutor's Office has revealed the facts of illegally seizing the property

2019-05-07 13:44:43
Investigation Department of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General's Office of Georgia continues the process of restoration of the rights of persons who were illegally seized property and of prisoners who were imprisoned with the violation of their rights. As a result of the final decision of the department, the company was identified as a victim who was taken out of the hospital in Zugdidi. Also, the conviction of two convicts will be revised, after which the victims will be able to return the illegally seized property.
Investigation into the case reveals that the joint-stock company "Enguri Medical Complex" owned a hospital located in Enguri paper combinat in Zugdidi owned by the government in 2007.
In the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Prosecutor's Office, the shareholder of the hospital, Dazmirr Tsanava, was called for the interview, who was threatened to give up the property to the state. After the Prosecutor's Office threatened in a systematic character that caused the deterioration of the health condition of Dazmir Tsanava, the shareholder meeting was invited, where the decision was taken, that the Hospital would be given to the state. 
Based on the summary decision, the Prosecutor's Office recognizes JSC "Enguri Medical Complex" and its representative as the victim on the basis of which they will be returned back to them as illegally confiscated property under the relevant legal procedure.
As for the former public officials in the illegal seizure of the property, considering the quality of cooperation with the investigation, the Prosecutor's Office will discuss the issue of appropriateness of the use of discretionary powers.
In addition, the new department has also made a decision to revise the verdict about guiltiness. On March 19, 2012, citizen Gia Chanchaleishvili and Roman Chkhaidze were found guilty of swindling of the land parcels, in which, in 2004, when considering the issue of transfer of the land plot in the court, they hided the fact that the land was owned by the Georgian Railway, in this way Gia Chanchaleishvili got 450 sq.m. land located in Tsotne Dadiani Street in Tbilisi and Roman Chkhaidze got 114 sq.m. Area of land.
In fact, according to the investigation carried out by the new department, it was found that the land plots belonging to the convicts were not in the ownership of the Georgian Railway and was not under the alienation line and therefore the convicts did not mislead the court.
The Prosecutor's Office appeals to cancel the conviction sentence against Gia Chanchaleishvili and Roman Chkhaidze for the newly revealed circumstances of the Tbilisi Court of Appeals. If the court satisfies the request of the Prosecutor's Office, the victims will be recovered illegally seized land.
As a result of the work carried out by the new department, a petition was sent to 67 convicts in the court seeking review of the conviction sentence, from which 57 had already been acquitted by the motion; Immovable property worth 50 million were returned to people, including vehicles, living apartments, office and commercial premises, wine factory, swimming pool, hotel complex, land plots etc.