A Statement of Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia

2019-05-06 17:57:06

There is an investigation underway at Investigation Unit of the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia on possible excess of authority using firearms when conducting a special operation in the village of Duisi, Akhmeta District on December 26, 2017 (crime punishable under Article 333§3 B subsection of Criminal Code of Georgia).

At this stage, there have been conducted a number of investigative and procedural activities, including: examination of the scene of the accident, have been collected items carrying vital nature for the investigation, have been conducted forensic medical and complex (DNA, ballistic, traction) examinations.

There have been questioned numerous people, including family members of Temirlan Machalikashvili and his neighbors. Also, there have been interviewed all persons involved in the investigation (employees of State Security Service of Georgia).

Additionally, based on the request of attorneys of Temirlan Machalikashvili family, there have been conducted investigative activities with participation and involvement of invited experts by them. Furthermore, there has been constant communication between investigation body and afore said individuals at all stages of the investigation. The family attorneys have had many chances to get acquainted with this criminal case.   

In the frames of the given case, commission forensic medical examination needs to reveal how timely and adequately there was rendered medical assistance. The examination has not been finished yet.  

Currently, all kinds of needed and intensive investigative activities are conducted on the given case, however, the investigation is at the final stage and the final decision will be made within the next 2 months.