The meeting with Kyrgyzstan delegation

2019-04-18 13:03:08
A meeting of the Kyrgyzstan delegation was held at the General Prosecutor's Office of Georgia in order to share the experience of Georgia in the fight against torture and its prevention.
The Kyrgyzstan representatives were interested in investigating the crimes of inhuman treatment in Georgia, the procedural leadership of the investigation and the supervision of operative-investigating activities in the law enforcement agencies.
Delegation with a Head of the Kyrgyzstan Republic Supreme Court, Director of the National Center for Prevention of Torture and inappropriate treatment, Expert of the Prevention of Torture and inappropriate Treatment, Director of the Child Rights Protection League, Ombudsman Institute of Child Rights and law enforcement by the Department of Human Rights as a leading specialist, the organization "PRI" Central Asia Office of the Director and Deputy Director of the Office of Kyrgyzstan and the project coordinator, the Prosecutor General and the head of the relevant areas of structural units Supervisors met each other. They informed the members of the delegation about the system and functions of the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia. Discussions focused on the basic principles of criminal procedural legislation and the rules of investigation of the crime, criminal prosecution and justice.
Representatives of the Prosecutor’s General's Office provided the guests with detailed information about the issues they were interested in and answered their questions.
By the end of the meeting parties agreed for further partnership.