7 persons were found guilty on the fact of preparing a gas transit pipe explosion on the basis of evidence submitted by the Prosecutor's Office

2019-04-16 16:15:34
The Tbilisi Court of Appeals found seven persons guilty of the explosion of a gas transit pipeline. According to the verdict of the Court of Appeal, they were accused of preparing a terrorist act in a group, B.B., M.V. J.M. And V.R., employee of Patrol Police of Georgia – L.M., for abusing his work position, for not reporting the crime I.B. and for the assistance of illegal firearms, ammunition, explosive substances and explosive devices N.Ch.
After examining the evidences submitted by the prosecution in the court, it was proved to be true that B.B., M.V., J.M. and V.M. were planning and preparing explosion of gas transit pipeline on the river Aragvi near village Saguramo. For this purpose, B.B. bought firearms, ammunition, explosives and explosive devices and with J.M., the assistance of N.Ch. they tried to transmit them. The patrol police officer L.M., who did not respond to prevent the crime, was also informed about the case, also I.B. was informed about this, who did not inform the law enforcement agencies about serious crimes.
Court of Appeals found B.B. guilty under Article 18,323 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, sub-paragraph "a" and Article 3231 of the Criminal Code of Georgia (Preparation of a terrorist act and illegal purchase, storage and transportation of firearms, ammunition, explosive substances and explosive devices), J.M. – according to article 18,323, sub-paragraph "a" of the second part and article 19,3231 part one (preparation of a terrorist act in the group and an attempted illegal transportation of firearms, ammunition, explosive materials and explosive devices), M.V.- under Article 18,323 Subparagraph "a" of the 2nd part (preparation of a terrorist act group), V.R- Under Article 25,18,323, paragraph 2 (a) of part 2 (assistance in preparation of a terrorist act in a group), N.Ch- under Article 25,19,236, part 4 of the Criminal Code of Georgia (transporting firearms, ammunition, explosive material and explosive devices), L.M. under Article 332, paragraph 1 (abuse of official authority) and I.B. under Article 376 ( not notifying the crime). 
According to Court decision The sentence for B.B is 14 years of imprisonment, J.M. and M.V. 13-13 years, V.R. 12 years, N.Ch. 7 years, L.M.- 2 years and I.B. 2 years, 1 month and 25 days imprisonment.