Accused of raping two juvenile step-children on the basis of evidence submitted by the prosecution was sentenced to 18 years of imprisonment

2019-04-15 13:12:47
The Tbilisi City Court fully admitted the evidences submitted by the prosecution and Defendant G.F. was found guilty for raping underage step-child.
The evidence submitted to the Court confirmed that, G.F. using violence for years, had sexual connection with underage step-children.
Police caught G.F. in Tbilisi. He is charged according the Article 111, third part of article 138 “c” subparagraph and part 4 “d” subparagraph. of the Criminal Code of Georgia (d) and Section 4 (c) of the Criminal Code of Georgia (Raping one Family members by another member of the family, by violence, threatened to violate, to the victim who has not reached 14 years) and was sentenced to imprisonment as a preventive measure.
The Tbilisi City Court found G.F. guilty and sentenced him to 18 years of imprisonment as a punishment.