The Court of Appeals left the decision of the council about the majorette

2019-04-11 18:00:48
The Tbilisi Court of Appeal left in force unilaterally the verdict of May 1, 2018 of Tbilisi City Court on the fact of taking bribes, using official position, accuring a huge amount of money in a fraudulent way and violation of labor laws, former majorette of Tbilisi municipality council Z.N. was found guilty.
According to the evidence examined in the court, it was confirmed that the majorette of the municipality of Tbilisi Z.N with the help of a person employed in the Bureau A.N., were asking money of the part of their monthly wage to four employees of the Bureau by the threat of dismissal from the work. In this way Z.N. robbed 16040 GEL from employees during the period of 2014-2017.
The investigation also revealed that Z.N. Using the official position, deception, with the motive of illegal possession, he got the funds allocated by the Tbilisi Municipality council for functioning of the Majoritarian Office.
Z.N. hired fictitiously a friend of his son M.N., who would take a salary every month according to the preliminary agreement, and in fact Z.N. was getting this money against the law. In this way during the period of august 15, 2014 and March 31, 2017 he got 36 552,5 Lari from the budget of the Council.  
Tbilisi City Court Found Z.N. guilty under Article 338, subparagraph "c" of the third part of the Criminal Code of Georgia (four episodes), Article 180, paragraph "a" and "b" (three episodes) and 169 and the sentence of 11 years of imprisonment, which was remained in force by the Court of Appeal.