Information regarding to Murder of Zviad Gamsakhurdia

2019-04-01 20:45:06
Criminal proceedings regarding to decease of Zviad Gamsakhurdia the ex-president of Georgia started on the basis of materials published at media of Russian Federation and the statement of Manana Archvadze-Gamsakhurdia on 10 January 1994. This case was not classified until 2015.
Investigation has established that Zviad Gamsakhurdia died on 31 December 1993 approximately at 01:00 am in village Khibula, Khobi District. According to witnesses` reports, president was trying to find shelter in different villages of Samegrelo due to events taken place in Georgia at this time. At last, he was in village Khibula, at Karlo Ghurtskaia`s family with Besarion Gugushvili, the prime-minister and Robizon Margvelani and Shalva (Bachuki) Gvantseladze, members of his body guard.
Manana Archvadze-Gamsakhurdia did not reveal the place where her husband had died and buried because of the lack of trust to the government. She refused to start investigational and procedural actions including medical-expertise examination of the corps in Georgia. 
Manana Archvadze-Gamsakhurdia refused forensic expertise during transferring the president`s corpse for burial to Grozny and after his transferring to Georgia for reburial on 28 March 2007. 
Due to these circumstances, investigation lacked efficiency.
Due to the fact that investigation was not classified during 21 years, after renewal of the investigation, on 4 March 2015, the investigation continued under Article 104 §3 (premeditated murder committed due to business or public activity  of the victim or his/her close relative) of the Criminal Code of Georgia.
Number of actions were made during the investigation, including examination of crime scene with participation of experts. Material evidence was seized from crime scene. Stechkin firearm with magazine and cartridges was seized from Gamsakhurdia family that have been kept in this family since 2004 and that was informed to investigation in August 2015. 
Conclusions of chemical, biological, genetic, criminalistics and ballistic expertise are issued regarding to material evidences. 
At first, Besarion Gugushvili who is in Finland and who was next to the president at shooting moment was interrogated. 
At the same time, by the application for help sent to General Prosecutor`s Office of Russian Federation, complete documentation regarding to all expertise and exhumation made on the corps of Zviad Gamsakhurdia is requested. 
The investigation has requested important information regarding to this case from different authorities including the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Parliament and the |Court. 
Within the frameworks of renewed investigation, investigational and procedural actions have been made. Recommendations prepared by temporary commission of the Parliament of Georgia on Zviad Gamsakhurdia`s case leaded by Konstantine Gamsakhurdia in 2011 were taken into consideration. Besides, it is underlined in conclusion of the Commission that due to the absence of political will to investigate this case within 1994-2003, all traces have been destroyed that would assist the investigation.
Due to conflict within Gamsakhurdia family, within the frameworks of renewed investigation, Konstantine Gamsakhurdia was acknowledged as the victim`s cessionary on the basis of voting conducted in 2017. As about Tsotne Gamsakhurdia, he does not have victim`s cessionary status and he participates in processes ongoing within the frameworks of investigation only with goodwill of the Prosecutor`s Office.
Lawyers of the victim`s cessionary have right to get acquainted with details of the case. Representative of Public Defender has studied case materials as well.
After extension of the limitations of Gamsakhurdia case by the Parliament of Georgia, various investigational and procedural actions are planned by the order of the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia. 
After changes made in law, number of witnesses were interrogated in Tbilisi as well as in Zugdidi. Calligraphic expertise is appointed in order to examine and compare the written documentations of the case. 
It should be noted that Shalva Tadumadze expressed the initiative to conduct investigational experiment two months ago, during the meeting with victim party. It is now requested by the family. 
On 6 March, the investigation suggested to the lawyer Amiran Giguashvili to conduct experiment and on 15 March, after consulting with Gamsakhurdia family, he addressed to Prosecutor`s Office by the joint application requesting simulated investigational experiment. In order to establish important circumstances of the case, complex ballistic and medical expertise was appointed on 22 March. Investigation invited independent experts named by the victim party.
It should be taken into consideration that besides the readiness to conduct all necessary investigational and procedural actions, Prosecutor`s Office lacks the opportunity of fast and efficient actions due to the complication of 25 year-old case.
At this stage, investigation is waiting for the results of complex expertise and society will be informed additionally regarding to its results.