Due to the mediation of Prosecutors one more case of the political prisoner will be revised, victims will be given back their confiscated property

2019-03-30 10:00:51
The department of investigation of crimes committed in the course of law proceedings of the General Prosecutors office of Georgia made next decisions, based on which the case of political Prisoner Gorgiashvli (current name - Turashvili) will be reviewed, Citizen Samson Kiladze will be given back the land worth one and a half million Lari, which was taken unlawfully will be given back, while about one prisoner court made a positive decision on the basis of the solicitation of the prosecutor.
   According to the criminal facts opened by the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia: Levan Gorgiashvili, as a member of one of the opposition political parties, took active part in the protests against the government in 2008-2009, who was receiving frequent phone threats from unknown persons.
  Levan Gorgiashvili's detention was planned by law enforcers, because some people wanted to take him away from political processes due to his different political views.
  On August 25, 2009, the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia detained Levan Gorgiashvili while he was at car repairs shop at Agladze Street in Tbilisi, where he was put the drug "heroine" in his pocket.
  In October 2009, based on the fraudulent evidence against Levan Gorgiashvili, he was convicted and sentenced to 7 years and 6 months imprisonment. In 2013, after he got the status of political prisoner, he left the prison.
Investigation conducted by the new department revealed a completely new evidences and circumstances for his good, thus confirming the existence of political motivation and the fact of collecting evidences artificially against the detainee. Consequently, the Prosecutor's Office addresses the court of appeal of the Tbilisi to cancel the sentence due to newly revealed circumstances.
The prosecutor's office found Samson Kiladze to be victimized in the case of illegally seizure of property. Since 2007 Samson Kiladze has been legally possessing and operating the 2125 sq. M. Land in Didi Dighomi, Tbilisi. In 2009 the prosecutor's office of Georgia allegedly launched an investigation into the illegal possession of the land plot. In the course of the investigation, Samson Kiladze was systematically summoned to the Investigative Office and was stricktly demanded to give the plot of land of 2125 sq.m in favor of the state, otherwise he would have problems from the law enforcement officers.
Finally, as a result of psychological pressure carried out on the victim, the land was handed over to the state by donation.
  On the basis of the summary decision, the Prosecutor's Office addresses the National Agency of State Property Management in order to return the land to the victim Samson Kiladze, which is at the moment in the possession of the state. 
As for the former public officials exposed in criminal acts, taking into consideration the quality of cooperation with the investigation, the Prosecutor's Office will make a decision after the investigation is over.
  In addition, the court of Appeal about Korneli Kukuladze made positive decision due to prosecutos’ mediation. 
 Since 2001, Kornel Kukuladze has been legally possessing and operating his 19,5 ha land through his company, which was established by him in Tskaltminda village in Lanchkhuti district, which he had been given to build a boarding house.
 In 2006, the property was placed under the interests of the government, and afterwards pressure on Kornel Kukuladze was put to give up the property. He was charged with fraud, as if he had acquired the land with fraud and  was given a criminal offense. As a result of the psychological pressure, Korneli Kukuladze gave up free of charge 6 hectares of land in Tskaltminda village in Lanchkhuti region, after which he was given a processual agreement on conditional conviction.
 The evidence obtained by the new investigation and the decision made by the Court of Appeal confirmed the facts of Kornel Kukuladze's property being legally acquired and the facts of exercising the pressure on him at the law enforcement agencies, which the told by questioned witnesses.  Hence, the court found him innocent. Due to the death of Kornel Kukuladze, the victim's successor - son Vakhtang Kukuladze, who was participating into the process, will get back the illegally confiscated land plot by the decision of the court.
We will remind the public that according to newly revealed circumstances, the Department appealed to the court the 65 convicts from which 17 of them conduct political prisoners’ status, to reexamine the case, the status was granted to them by the Decree of the Parliament of Georgia on "Political Arrested Persons and Persecuted Persons on IDPs". According to the decision of the court, the judgment of 57 persons has already been solved positively. 
In addition, according to todays situation, by the decision of the General Prosecutor's Office, 240 affected people have already returned about 47 million GEL worth of immovable property, including vehicles, apartments, office and commercial premises, wine factory, swimming and hotel complexes, land plots etc. .