Cooperation Agreement between Georgia and EUROJUST was signed

2019-03-29 17:16:19
Cooperation Agreement between Georgia and EUROJUST was signed. The document in Hagues was signed by the Minister of Justice of Georgia Tea Tsulukiani, General Prosecutor Shalva Tadumadze and EUROJUST President Ladislav Hamran.
Georgia is the first country in the South Caucasus region which signed the agreement with EUROJUST. After signing the document, Georgia, like EU member states, will be represented by a liaison prosecutor at EUROJUST. The organization also has partnerships with partner states (including USA, Norway, Switzerland, etc.).
The EUROJUST agreement will enable Georgian and EU countries to cooperate more quickly and effectively in the investigation of the crime. In this regard, the most important means will be to fight against international organized crime.
The strengthening of bilateral legal cooperation with EUROJUST also implies high standards for judiciary, prosecutors, investigators and other law enforcement officials and involvement of the Georgian justice system into the European justice system.
In 2017, EUROJUST has examined the compatibility of personal data protection in the sphere of law with EU regulations and the issue of concluding the agreement was decided after a positive conclusion.
EUROJUST is an EU agency of cooperation in criminal law, operating since 2003, in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Ministry of Justice of Georgia has been in charge since 2015, with EUROJUST in  negotiations and internal procedures to be implemented in Georgia.