Defendant Accused for Extortion of Ex-wife and Domestic Violence has been Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison

2019-03-22 11:18:43
Tbilisi City Court upheld evidences produced by the prosecution and found T. J. the defendant accused for extortion of his ex-wife and domestic violence guilty.
Evidences investigated during the trial confirmed that during the period from December 2016 to 14 June 2018, in Tbilisi, T. J. systematically insulted T. L. his ex-wife verbally. In May 2018, T. J. in presence of his minor child committed physical violation of T. L.
Evidences submitted at the trial also confirmed that from 1 June to 14 June, T. J. demanded from his ex-wife GEL 3000, otherwise, he was threatening T. L. with murder of her brother and father. T. L. had reasonable fear that T. L. would execute his words and gave him GEL 500 on 14 June 2018.
Law enforcement officers arrested T. J. on 14 June 2018 in Tbilisi. He was charged under Article 1261 §2 (b) (insult by one family member to another family member, which has resulted physical suffer, in presence of minor) and Article 181 §1 (extortion) of the Criminal Code of Georgia and was sentenced to detention as a measure of constraint.
Tbilisi City Court found T. J. guilty as charged and sentenced him to 3 years in prison as a measure and extent of penalty.