Prosecutors and Lawyers have Undergone Joint Distant Learning Course on Juvenile Justice

2019-03-20 17:14:38

With support of the Council of Europe, representatives of the Prosecutor`s Office of Georgia and Georgian Bar Association have undergone a joint distant learning course on juvenile justice. Giorgi Gabitashvili Deputy Chief Prosecutor of Georgia, Christian Urse head of the Council of Europe`s Office in Georgia and Davit Asatiani head of the Georgian Bar association awarded participants with certificates.  

It is Prosecutor`s Office of Georgia`s priority to promote development of juvenile best interest oriented practice and to high prosecutor`s professional standards. Distant learning course developed by the Council of Europe covered international as well as European legal framework and case law that aims to increase possibilities of representatives of law field in order to protect children from sexual exploitation, sexual assault and other forms of violence and to launch children-oriented justice in Georgia.

There was theoretical as well as practical examples and casus during the course. Participants had opportunity to participate in discussions.

20 prosecutors and 17 lawyers underwent joint learning within the frameworks of 3-months-length course. Similar activities is planning to implement in future as well.