Persons accused for bribery and assistance in bribery were sentenced imprisonment for 6-6 years

2019-03-18 16:54:32
The Tbilisi City Court has fully accepted the evidence submitted by the Prosecutor's Office and the head of the first Division of Special Operations Department of the Main Division of Operative Maintenance and Monitoring of the Military Police Department of the General headquarters of the Georgian Armed Forces- G.G. was found guilty. In the same verdict, M.G was convicted for helping in the bribery, who was a "Head of the Georgian War and Military Forces Veterans and Warriors"  of the NAPR. 
The evidence examined in the court was confirmed that, G.G and M.G were informed, that the citizen L.S. was evicted by the Military Police from the residential area of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia in Telavi, Telavi, in 2016 , Was still interested in holding this area.
In June 2018, GG and M.G. met L.S. several times and they promised him, that if he would pay 4000 GEL as a bribe, he would have been allowed without any documentation and legal grounds, inadmissible into the area of the military town settlement. And if the L.S. would face any problems with military police personnel, G.G. would use his official authority and would have been able to use employment protection, so that the police officers would not be able to evict him and his family members.
On June 27, 2018, M.G. met L.S. at the territory of the shopping mall “Lilo Mall”, when the amount requested to pay G.G. was paid 2000 GEL. On 29th of June, 2018 M.G and G.G. met each other at Gardabani municipality on the territory of Vaziani village, M.G. took the rest of a bribe 2000 GEL, after which the total amount GEL 4000 was given to G.G.
Law enforcers detained G.G and M.G after bribery. G.G. was charged under Article 338 of the Criminal Code of Georgia (taking bribes) and M.G. was charged under Article 25-338 of the Criminal Code of Georgia (bribery assistance) and both persons were imprisoned.
Tbilisi City Court found G.G and M.G on the presented sentence and they were sentenced to 6-6 years of imprisonment.