Multidisciplinary Meeting of Participants of Juvenile Diversion and Meditation Program

2019-03-15 10:22:24
Prosecutors working on juvenile cases along with social workers of LEPL National Non-Custodial Penalties and Probation Agency, mediators and representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia have been participated in the meeting held with the aim of assistance in coordinated work amongst professionals involved in Juvenile Diversion and Meditation Program, qualification rising of professionals and identification of challenges related to the diversion program.
Representatives of Prosecutor`s Office introduced ongoing report and trends of Diversion and Meditation Program to participants of the meeting. They also talked about concept and approaches to restorative justice and forms of risk evaluation report.
The main aim of the meeting organized by the Ministry of Justice and LEPL Center for Crime Prevention with support of UNICEF was strengthening interinstitutional coordination mechanism and identification of challenges of this process. It was implemented successfully by sharing their role and active participation in workshop.
Diversion and Meditation Program has been operating in Georgia since 2010. Mechanism strengthened in accordance with international standards in 2016 when Juvenile Justice Code gave effect. Hundreds of juveniles are under alternative mechanism of criminal proceedings of their best interest by participating in Diversion and Implementation Program annually. 
In 2018, by decision of Prosecutor`s Office of Georgia 897 14-21 year-old persons were involved in Diversion and Meditation Program.