Steps Made against Domestic Violence and Violence against Women were Evaluated Positively in US Department of State`s Report

2019-03-14 12:00:10
Steps against domestic violence and violence against Women made by Chief Prosecutor`s Office of Georgia and Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia were evaluated positively in US Department of State`s report on Human Rights of 2018.
Importance of working of specialized prosecutors on crimes committed against domestic and gender-based violence is underlined in the report and statistics are presented.
In particular, criminal proceedings started against 1986 persons on domestic violence in 2017. This index was 550 in 2014. Index of use of imprisonment as a measure of constraint against defendants on the similar crimes was 14% in 2014, whereas this index achieved 83% in 2017.
It is mentioned in the report that professionalism of law enforcement officers and prosecutors in connection with domestic violence is improved in Tbilisi on the basis of statements of NGOs.