The Council of Europe has Made Decision of Signing of an Cooperation Agreement between EUROJUST and Georgia

2019-03-05 10:32:17
Georgia is the first country in South Caucasus region that will sign the Agreement with EUROJUST. Within the next few days, Tea Tsulukiani the Minister of Justice of Georgia and Shalva Tadumadze the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia will sign the document. In the European parliament, during the vote on the signing of an Agreement between EUROJUST and Georgia, 555 deputies voted in favour of the signing of the Agreement with Georgia, 29 deputies were against it and 20 deputies abstained. 
The Agreement with EUROJUST will enable Georgia and the European countries to have robust and efficient collaboration in criminal investigations and it will have a special importance in terms of fight against the international organized crime.
In 2017, before making the decision on signing of the Agreement, EUROJUST had deeply learnt adjustability of security of personal data in Georgian law enforcement system to European regulations. The decision on signing of the Agreement has been made only after receiving positive conclusion.
EUROJUST is a judicial cooperation establishment of the European Union that has been functioning since 2003 in Hague, the Netherlands. Each member state of the European Union is represented in EUROJUST with Liaison Magistrate or the Prosecutor. They have allies in partner states as well (USA, Norway, Switzerland, etc.) After signing of the Agreement, Georgia as the partner state will have the same opportunity.