Prosecutor`s Office Arrested Former Deputy Head of Zestaponi District Administration for Abuse of Official Powers

2019-03-03 10:39:55
Officers of Investigation Unit of Regional Prosecutor`s Office of Western Georgia arrested Kh. G. former deputy head of Zestaponi District Administration for abuse of official powers, on the basis of court ruling.
Investigation has established that Kh. G. the deputy head of District Administration, was leading of group for inspection of state procurement agreements on performance of works. His duty was to establish the quality of works, to made supervision, to sign delivery and acceptance acts and to regulate settlement process.
On 6 June 2014, Zestaponi Municipality and Tobe Ltd signed a public procurement  agreement on arranging concrete pavement on the road of village Tabakini valued GEL 930 195. Due to defects and flaws found during the working process, technical supervisor addressed to District Administration several times in written and informed them that works had been done with flaws and the project was violated. This information had been sent to Kh. G. who had full image about flaws, though, he abused his official power. In particular, Kh. G. against public interest, without positive conclusion of technical supervisor, that according to the agreement should be the basis of acceptance of performed works, gave preference to Tobe Ltd and signed delivery and acceptance act for works that had law quality. According to the documents, works were satisfactory and reimbursement was possible.  As a result, money was paid to the performer. According to the conclusion by National Forensics Bureau, it is confirmed that major part of performed works have low quality.
The action of the deputy head of District Administration had violated the state interest and caused material loss amounted GEL 346 953.