Defendants Accused for Attempt of Premeditated Murder and for Failure to Report Crime have been Found Guilty on the Basis of Evidence Produced by the Prosecutor`s Office

2019-02-12 16:18:20
Tbilisi City Court fully upheld evidences produced by the prosecution and has found T. J. the defendant accused for attempt of premeditated murder and N. T. the defendant accused for failure to report particularly serious crime guilty.  T. J. has been sentenced to imprisonment for 8 years and N. T. for 2 years as a measure and extent of penalty.
The evidence investigated during the trial confirmed that, T. J. lent GEL 250 to his acquaintance I. N. for few hours due to personal needs on 25 June 2018. After due time has passed T. J. contacted to I. N. by mobile phone several times and demanded to give his money back.
I. N. asked for some time after that he would return money and he said swear words to T. J. At the same day, T. J. went to I. N`s residential place by car, accompanied with his friend N. T. with motive for revenge and intention to kill.  T. J. was crying to I. N. to go down, he was insulting him verbally, using swear words and threatening him. I. N. went down to the yard because T. J. was not going to stop crying. At this moment, T. J.  with motive for revenge and with intention to kill, stubbed I. N. with the knife in the chest area and fled the scene with his friend N. T.
I. N. survived as a result of emergency medical assistance. 
The evidence investigated during the trial also confirmed that N. T. was aware that T. J. committed particularly serious crime but he did not report it to the law enforcement bodies and fled the scene.
Law enforcement officers arrested T. J. and N. T. on 26 June 2018 in Tbilisi. T. J. was charged under Article 19-108 (attempt of premeditated murder) of the Criminal Law of Georgia and N. T. was charged under Article 376 (failure to report particularly serious crime) of the Criminal Code of Georgia. Both defendants were sentenced to detention as a measure of constraint.