67 Unlawfully Confiscated Land Plots Shall be Returned to 63 Affected Citizens, by the Decision of the Prosecutor’s Office

2019-02-07 14:09:52
The Department of the Office of the Prosecutor General of Georgia for Investigation of Offenses Committed in the Course of Legal Proceedings has recognized 63 citizens as victims after solving one of the large-scale cases of unlawful confiscation of property. 67 unlawfully confiscated land plots in Zugdidi and Khobi districts will be returned to them. 
Investigation conducted in the case revealed that in 2009-2010, the Ministry of Economic Development of Georgia negotiating with a private company on launching construction of Anaklia Port. Area of the land necessary for construction in Anaklia and in its vicinity was going to be assigned to this company. The circumstance that some part of this area was the registered property of the locals was hindering the process and the transfer of the land to the investor. They were requesting appropriate compensation in return of surrendering their property. 
Intending to simplify the process and avoid paying compensation to the citizens, under the decision of high-level officials of the government at the time, the Ministry of Economic Development sent false cadastral plan to the registry, against the will of the owners and secretly from them, grossly violating property rights. Among them ended up land plots of the locals who did not receive any compensation, by which their property rights were violated. 
Based on the conclusive decision of the Department, 67 land plots with the total area of 379,403m2 in the villages of Zugdidi and Khobi Districts – Anaklia, Darcheli, Tsaishi, Tsatskhvi, Orulu, Ergeta, Guripula and Kheta – will be returned to 63 affected citizens. 
As for the exposed former officials involved in unlawful confiscation of property, the Prosecutor’s Office will discuss rational use of discretionary authority against them, while taking the degree of their cooperation with the investigation into account.