Defendant Charged with Purchasing and Storing Especially Large Volumes of Drugs and Selling Drugs in Large Volumes Has Been Sentenced to Imprisonment for 9 Years and 6 Months, Based on Evidence Produced by the Prosecutor’s Office

2019-02-05 11:26:04
Tbilisi City Court fully upheld the evidence produced by the prosecution and found B.D. guilty of purchasing and storing especially large volumes of drugs and selling drugs in large volumes.
Evidence investigated during the trial confirmed that B.D. illegally purchased 2 pills with especially high concentration of the narcotic substance tenamfetamine, also 11 pills and a shard of a pill containing MDMA and methamphetamine (crystal meth). On March 4, 2018, B.D. sold large volumes of drugs – 2 pills of tenamfetamine, 3 pills of methamphetamine – to a citizen for ₾700 at the entrance of Basiani nightclub in Tbilisi, while on April 6, they sold 5 MDMA pills to a citizens for ₾750 at the same club. On March 31, B.D. sold 3 MDMA pills for ₾650 at the entrance of Khidi nightclub, while they kept 1 pill containing MDMA and methamphetamine at their residential apartment. 
Law enforcement officers arrested B.D. in Tbilisi on May 11, 2018. B.D. was charged under Article 260§6(a) and with three counts under Article 260§5(a) (purchase and storage of drugs in especially large volumes and selling drugs in large volumes) of the Criminal Code of Georgia and was sentenced to detention as a measure of constraint.  
Tbilisi City Court found B.D. guilty as charged and sentenced them to imprisonment for a term of 9 years and 6 months as a measure and extent of penalty.