Training on Money Laundering and Drug-Related Crimes Held at the Office of Prosecutor General of Georgia

2019-01-31 19:25:47
A joint training on money laundering and drug-related crimes has been held at the Office of the Prosecutor General of Georgia with the support of the European Union. Guest international experts were leading the training course. Giorgi Gogadze, Deputy Prosecutor General of Georgia, Catalin Gherman, Deputy Head of Cooperation at the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia, and Thomas Carter, the leader of the project, opened the training. In addition to prosecutors and investigators of the prosecution system, representatives from Tbilisi City Court, Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Revenue Service and Financial Monitoring Service attended the training. 
Combating drug-related crimes, as well as uncovering instances of legalization of illegal income and conducting effective parallel financial investigation are priorities for the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia. Hence, the two-day course focused on practical training included the following topics: typologies and major methods of investigating money laundering cases, international cooperation, offshore companies, cryptocurrency, use of darknets and cybercrime. In addition to international cooperation, the training also focused on familiarizing with successful practice of inter-agency cooperation on national level 
The training was organized in cooperation the European Union project ‘EU Action against Drugs and Organized Crime‘(EU-ACT). The joint training aimed to increase coordination between the agencies, introduce common practice and share successful international experience.