Defendants Charged with Aggravated Robbery and Interfering with Execution of a Court Decision Has Been Sentenced to imprisonment for 10 and 12 Years

2019-01-22 14:55:50
Tbilisi City Court completely upheld the set of evidence produced by the Prosecutor’s Office and found Z.Ch. and B.L. guilty of aggravated robbery by group and interference with execution of a court decision.
Evidence produced in court confirmed that on April 9, 2018, B.L., previously convicted of deliberate purchase and selling of illegally obtained property and robbery, and Z.Ch., previously convicted of theft, attacked A.L. and S.L. at their residence in Tbilisi and demanded them money and golden items, after which they abused the victims physically, illegally took A.L.’s television set in their possession and fled the scene. 
It was also confirmed in court that B.L. and Z.Ch. refused investigation authority to take samples in accordance with a court ruling in course of investigation despite they were aware of the essence of the court ruling, and in doing so, they knowingly prevented law enforcement authorities to execute a court decision. 
Tbilisi Gldani-Nadzaladevi District Prosecutor’s Office charged Z.Ch. under Article 179§2(b) and §3(a,b) (aggravated robbery by a group, committed repeatedly by breaking and entering into a dwelling place) and Article 381§1 (interference with execution of a court decision) of the Criminal Code of Georgia, while B.L. was charged under 179§2b, §3(b) and §4(b) aggravated robbery by a group committed by breaking and entering into a dwelling place by a person who has two or more previous convictions for unlawful appropriation or extortion of another person's property) and Article 381§1 (interference with execution of a court decision) of the same Code. Both of the defendants were sentenced to detention as a measure of constraint. 
Tbilisi City Court found Z.Ch. and B.L guilty as charged and sentenced Z.Ch. to imprisonment to 10 years, and B.L. – to imprisonment for 12 years, as a measure and extent of penalty.