Individuals Charged with Membership of the Criminal Underworld are Sentenced to Imprisonment for 7 and 6 Years Respectively, Based on the Evidence Presented by the Prosecutor’s Office

2019-01-15 16:24:28
Tbilisi City Court completely upheld the evidence produced by the prosecution and found D.Tch, K.B. and G.B. guilty of joining the criminal underground. 
Evidence investigated during the trial confirmed that .Tch, K.B. and G.B. acted in accordance with the special rules of the criminal underground and systematically maintained contact with thieves in law abroad – M.Z., G.Kh. and A.P., according to whose instructions, they were actively engaged in accomplishing the goals of the criminal underground. In April 2018, acting under the instructions of thieves in law, D.Tch, K.B. and G.B. were trying to extort so-called ‘thieves’ share’ in the amount of 60,000 lari from one of the victims by using threats and intimidation. 
Law enforcement authorities arrested D.Tch, K.B. and KB in Tbilisi and G.B in village Anaga, Signaghi District,on April 19, 2018. They were charged under Article 2231§1 (membership of the criminal underground (amended as of May 1, 2018)) of the Criminal Code of Georgia and were sentenced to detention as a measure of constraint.
Tbilisi City Court found all three defendants guilty as charged and sentenced D.Tch, K.B. to imprisonment for a term of 7 years each, while sentencing G.B. to imprisonment for a term of 6 years and 6 months as a measure and extent of penalty.