Defendant Charged with Theft Sentenced to Imprisonment for 5 Years, based on Evidence Produced by the Prosecutor’s Office

2018-12-28 17:50:21
Tbilisi City Court completely upheld the evidence submitted by the prosecution and found I.Ch. guilty of theft that resulted in considerable damage. 
Evidence presented at the trial confirmed that on July 26, 2015, during the night hours, I.Ch. secretly took mirrors from the vehicles of 5 victims parked on I. Petritsi Street in Tbilisi, for their unlawful appropriation.  
Law enforcement officers arrested I.Ch. at the crime scene. they were charged under Article 177§2(a), §3(d) (theft committed against a vehicle, resulting in considerable damage) of the Criminal Code of Georgia.
Tbilisi City Court found I.Ch. guilty as charged and sentenced them to imprisonment for 5 years as a measure and extent of penalty.