Defendant Charged with Aggravated Robbery Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison Based on Evidence Produced by the Prosecution

2018-12-26 12:24:53
Khashuri District Court fully upheld the evidence produced by the prosecution and found R.P. guilty of aggravated robbery.
The evidence investigated during the trial confirmed that on April 16, 2018, R.P. - previously convicted several times of intentional crimes, aggravated robbery included – armed with an automated firearm, attacked the manager of Roads Company Elisi-2015 LLC in its administrative building and by threatening to use violence endangering life and health to their Mercedes-Benz make vehicle and fled the scene.   
Law enforcement officers arrested R.P. in Tbilisi on April 17, 2018. Khashuri District Prosecutor’s Office charged him under Article 179§2(c) and §2(a, c) (aggravated robbery committed repeatedly by threatening to use violence endangering life and health, against a vehicle, with the aim to property in large quantities) of the Criminal Code of Georgia. The court sentenced R.P. to detention as a measure of constraint. 
Khashuri District Court found R.P. guilty as charged and sentenced them to imprisonment for a term of 10 years as a penalty.