The Prosecutor's Office has charged two more persons for the murder of Gevork Sarkisyan

2018-12-22 15:11:55

On the basis of additional evidences obtained by the investigation on the case of murder of Gevork Sarkisyan including the answers of medical forensic expertise received on December  14, 2018 and on the bases of additional interrogation of witnesses the charge against E.M, from the article of murder was replaced to the murder of a premeditated murder committed by a group with special brutality (Under sub-paragraph “e” of the second part and sub-paragraph “b” of the third part of the article 109 and the second part of the article  238’ of the Criminal Code of Georgia).

Two more persons R.K. and S.M has been charged under the same article as well. 

By the investigation has been found out, that on July 12, 2018 S.M and E.M. had a tense relationship with Gevork Sarkisyan. They with the friend R.K. Had planned to kill Sarkisyan intentionally. R.K., E.M, and S.M. With preliminary agreement, for the purpose of killing, the three of them inflicted 19 wounds with knives to Gevork Sarkisyan in various parts of the body and disappeared from the scene. As a result of inflicted injuries Sarkisyan died in the hospital.  

On the basis of the evidence obtained at the first stage of investigation of Gevork Sarkisyan's murder on July 12, 2018 E. M. was charged with premeditated murder (Article 108 of the Criminal Code of Georgia) and the guilt of 4 persons was qualified by the article for not notifying about  the crime.