On the basis of the motion of the Chief Prosecutor's Office extradition was carried out of the defendant for intentional murder in aggravating circumstances

2018-12-01 10:00:40

Based on the motion of the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia, the defendant G.K. accused of murdering N.K. and G.K. in aggravating circumstances was extradited from Greece to Georgia.

The chief prosecutor’s office of Georgia applied to National Central Bureau of Interpol with request to announce search against G.K. in April 21, 2016. In parallel, the agency applied with request to the Greek side for preliminary detention of G.K. According to information provided by Athens Interpol on June 3, 2016, G.K. was taken in Extradition imprisonment, on the basis of which the Georgian side requested extradition on 14 June 2016. After satisfying the motion, G.K. was extradited to Georgia. He is currently placed in the relevant custodial establishment. 

G.K. was detained by Greek law enforcers after the cooperation between Georgia and Greece law enforcement officers, after that, that on April 5, 2016, based on operative information, a police attaché of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia became known in the Greece Republic, that G.K. had been in the city Aleksandropolis with the somebody named Pohlodkov Miroslav with a fake passport.

G.K. is accused of premeditated murder of N.K and G.K in aggravating circumstances, illegal possession, acquisition and storage of firearms, the crime is envisaged under subparagraph “d” of the first part of the article 109, subparagraph “e” of the second part and subparagraphs ”a”, “c”, ”e” of the third part of the same article of the Criminal Code of Georgia, subparagraph “a” of the third part of the article 237 of the Criminal Code of Georgia and under first and second part of the article 236 of the Criminal Code of Georgia. 

It was established by the investigation that, in December, 2014, G.K. who was convicted for murder in aggravating circumstances and V.G. on the bases of preliminary agreement, on profiteering bases, in summer house located in Tbilisi, in a small town Kojori, killed G.K. by hitting several times with knife, then in order to hide the trace, they placed the corpse in the pre-purchased plastic barrel and poured into the chemical acid in order to dismantle the corpse. Since the corpse did not dismantle, they threw the cement into the barrel and buried it in the yard of the summer house. On the same day G.K. and V.G. in the residential house of N.K. and G.K located near the sea of Tbilisi, in the city Tbilisi, killed N.K. by hitting with knife, and then secretly got into the possession about $ 12,000 existing in the apartment, the so called “Laptop”, documents, the bank cards, the gold items, two firearms registered in the name of G.K. and disappeared from the scene.

At present, The Tbilisi City Court is considering the mentioned criminal case.