With the support of UN Women, a conference on the fight against family crime was held

2018-11-27 12:16:39
At The Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia with the support of UN Women, a conference was held to summarize the results of the fight against family crime. The meeting which was attended by the representatives of State, non-governmental and international organizations was opened by the deputy Chief Prosecutor, Giorgi Gabitashvili.
At the conference, the Prosecutor's Office submitted a report of the year on the tendencies, achievements and challenges of the fight against the family crime, motivation of gender discrimination in criminal cases towards women and family violence.
The second part of the conference was held in discussion regimen. The participants discussed the issues on criminal policy carried out towards abusers, activities implemented for the aim of effective fighting with violence and preventive measurements.
The Prosecutor's Office of Georgia fulfills the obligations undertaken in the fight against family crime: On 1 May 2018, with the Chief Prosecutor's Orders, only specialized prosecutors are working on domestic crime cases that have undergone special training in the right communication skills and psychological aspects of the victims. Criminal law is strict against abusers. It should be noted that in 2018 the Prosecutor's Office launched criminal prosecution against more than 3000 violators; the indicator of victims apply and demand for imprisonment of accused persons as a preventive measure is increased.
Besides, the functions of the witness and victim coordinator services have been increased to protect the interests of witnesses and victims involved in the criminal proceedings, to prevent their support and revictimization. Coordinator became a participant in the proceedings and was equipped with important functions, including attending the investigative and procedural activities ongoing with the attendance of a witness or a victim as well as the function of their emotional support.