The statement of Chief Prosecutor’s Office

2018-10-16 14:07:08
The Chief Prosecutor's Office of Georgia continues informing the public about the investigation of the criminal case, as it has been promised, which is related to the facts of illegally obtaining and storing the secrets of personal life, coerce, unauthorized recording of the private conversation of the person being in custody, and on the fact of storing recording illegally, ensuring availability and of possible abuse of power, which has started on October 12 of this year.
It is established by the investigation, that memory card seized from civilian I.P. includes three audio recordings which is presumably recorded in one of the establishments of penitentiary department. Taking into consideration the fact that one of the media means has already publicized the file dated by October 11, on which are presumably recorded secretly the conversation between the member of parliament Viktor Japharidze and civilian David Tsukhishvili, taking into account high interest of the public, we have made decision to publicize audio recording dated July 6, 2018, too. On which presumably are recorded again the conversation of Mirza Subeliani and Viktor Japharidze. The audio recording disseminated today, as well as the third audio recording existing on memory card of October 11 certainly requires special examination of expertize, that has already been started. According to one of the versions of the investigation, the case may be concerned with the attempt of defendant Mirza Subeliani, by threatening to disclose the criminal fictitious, false facts made up on his own, to influence the final outcome of his prosecution case.
At this time, the investigation continues to reveal all the persons involved in the offense, as well as on possible criminal facts spoken in secret audio recordings broadcasted by the media. The investigating body does its best to establish the truth on this case and all persons involved in the offense shall be charged with criminal offense.