Based on the evidence presented by the Prosecutor's Office, the defendants accused of attempting a premeditated murder and concealing especially grave crime were found guilty

2018-10-11 13:28:02
The Zugdidi District Court fully accepted the evidence submitted by the Prosecutor's Office and the defendant N.T. accused of attempting a premeditated murder and the defendant  R.G. accused of concealing especially grave crime were found guilty.
The evidence presented at the trial confirmed that on December 31, 2017, R.T and R.G. with the purpose of preparing firewood, had been in Anjeli forest area in Abasha municipality, where they met I.K. who was riding a horse. Because of the conflict existing in the past between them, N.T. shot I.K. twice from a hunting gun in order to kill him on purpose. As a result of wounds I.K. fell out of the horse, after which N.T. shot him in his head. After committing a crime, N.T. and R.G. wrapped him in tarpaulin cloth and placed in the mini-bus owned by N.T, and threw into the river Rioni several kilometers away from the crime scene. In spite of the active search-rescue activities, the corpse of I.K. has not been found.
Law enforcers detained N.T. and R.G. on January 11, 2018. NT was charged under article 19,108 of the Criminal Code (for attempting premediated murder) and R.G. was charged under article 375 of the Criminal Code of Georgia (concealing especially grave crime without promising beforehand). They were sentenced to imprisonment as a preventive measure.
The Zugdidi District Court found both accused guilty in the presented accusations and N.T. was sentenced to 9 years of imprisonment as a punishment type and measure, and as for R.G., taking into account the high quality cooperation with the investigation, a plea agreement has been made with him and was sentenced to one year of imprisonment, which has been replaced by one year of probationary period.