The Statement of Chief Prosecutor's Office

2018-10-10 15:44:55
Taking into account the high public interest, the Prosecutor's Office of Tbilisi proclaims the testimony of Levan Kipiani. He was interviewed again within the ongoing investigation in Tbilisi Prosecutor's Office on October 9, 2018, regarding the audio recording spread in media.
In addition, we would like to inform the society, that on October 5, 2018, Nato Chkheidze, wife of the founder of “Omega Group” Zaza Okuashvili, gave a testimony in front of the judge, who declared that on 21-22 April 2016, the amount of money withdrawn from the bank account of "Olimpus" LTD was placed and taken, by Toyota, supposedly "Prado" Model car, by state number III-333.
According to the witness, the director of "Olimpus" Ltd. D.F. informed her about it, who also indicated during the interrogation, that he remembered the car model and the number plate of the vehicle and indicated the same model and the number about which Nato Chkheidze talked about.
According to the information requested by the Prosecutor's Office from the Service Agency, state plate number III-333 – was issued on 07.04.2014 on the mechanical vehicle MERCEDES-BENZ ML 500, the owner D.K., on 19.10.2014 on the mentioned transport vehicle was changed the state plate number and was issued another state plate number, while the state plate number III-333 was handed to the Registration Department and destroyed according to the rules established by the legislation.
Thus, according to the information requested by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, this number was not issued on the car of model Toyota or other car vehicle in 2016.