One more political prisoner has been acquitted with the solicitation of prosecutor’s office, while illegally seized land plots will be returned to two victim citizens

2018-10-10 12:54:21
With the solicitation of the investigation department of the crime committed in the proceedings of the Chief Prosecutor's Office of Georgia,  the Tbilisi Court of Appeals, justified the political prisoner Simon Tsuriashvili, who had been found guilty for the illegal purchase and storage of ammunition based on the bases of falsified evidence. Also, as a result of the final decision of the department, illegally seized land plots will be returned to two victim citizens located in Zugdidi district.   
According to the investigation it was established that in 2009-2010 the Ministry of Economic Development of Georgia conducted negotiation with one of the private companies in order to start construction of Anaklia port, for which should be allocated the land required for the construction of the port in Anaklia and its surrounding area. The allocation of the land plot and delivery to the investor prevented the fact that a certain part of the land on the mentioned territory was registered as the property of the local population, who demanded a corresponding compensation in return for the property. 
With the aim of simplifying the process and avoiding giving the compensation to the population, by the decision of seperate high ranking officials of the government of those period, the relevant structural division of the Ministry of Economic Development has sent a fake cadastral drawing to the public registry against the will of the owners, secretly from them and in violation of ownership rights. On the basis of this, more than 2000 hectares of land was registered in state ownership, including land plots of local residents, so that they did not receive any kind of compensation, thus their property rights were violated.
Based on the final decision of the department, in village Darcheli, Zugdidi district the land plots of 2581 sq.m and 2651 sq.m will be returned to Madia Sekania, while to the citizen Aleksander Khupenia will be return the land plot of 4857 sq. M located in the same village.
As for the exposed former public officials involved in the illegal seizure of the property, considering the quality of cooperation with the investigation, the prosecutor's office will discuss the issue of appropriateness of the discretionary powers application after the investigation is over.
Prosecutor's Office continues investigation into the mentioned criminal case. The land plots seized by the crime scheme will also be returned to other affected citizens, about which the society will be informed in the nearest future.
As for the political prisoner Simon Tsuriashvili, acquitted by the solicitation of the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia,  the prosecutor’s office conducted a thorough and objective investigation into the case, within the framework of which the new witnesses were interrogated, dozens of investigative and procedural actions were conducted, the investigative and judicial case materials were studied and new evidence and facts were obtained, as a result of which the fact of committing a crime by Simon Tsuriashvili was completely excluded.
The investigation established that Simon Tsuriashvili, as a member of one of the oppositional political movements took an active part in the protests actions held against the government in 2007-2008, when he transported the party activists by his own car.
For the purpose of taking away him from different political views and political processes, the detention of Simon Tsuriashvili were planned by law enforcers with fictitious accusations.  
On November 25, 2008, Simon Tsuriashvili, along with his son in law and his neighbor, was travelling from the village of Pkhvenisi to Gori district. During which law enforcers stopped him, put two grenades, cartridges of automatic firearms in the car and detained illegally. In order to aggravate the charge and in addition to creating artificial evidence against him, the military cartridges were also removed from his residential house located in the village of Pkhvenisi.
In January 2009, on the basis of fraudulent evidence against Simon Tsuriashvili, he was found guilty and sentenced to 8 years and 5 months of imprisonment. After granting a political prisoner status in 2013, he left the penitentiary establishment.
By the investigation carried out by new department were revealed completely new evidences and circumstances of the acquittal. The new witnesses who witnessed the facts were interrogated, who talked about the innocence of Simon Tsuriashvili's and about „putting” ammunition by law enforcers. Consequently, the Tbilisi Court of Appeals fully shared the newly revealed circumstances and evidences submitted by the Prosecutor's Office and the defendant was fully justified.
As a result of the work carried out by the new department, the movable and immovable property worth about 45 million GEL including cars, apartments, office and commercial spaces, wine factory, swimming and hotel complexes, land plots etc. shall be returned to 164 people who are known currently as victims, and the prosecutor's office, due to the newly revealed circumstances, applied to the court of Appeals in order to reconsider the judgement of 59 defendant cases, out of which 48 persons have already been acquitted, 13 of them are carrying political prisoner’s status.