The defendant was sentenced to 1 year imprisonment for physical insult carried out against parents

2018-10-05 18:58:32
The Tbilisi City Court shared evidence submitted by the prosecution side and the defendant K.K. was found guilty for physical insult carried out against parents.
The evidence presented at the Court confirmed that on July 15, 2018, K.K. as a result of quarrel,  carried out violence against parents, when he hit his hands on his father R.K. and mother E.K. several times.
The law enforcers detained K.K. on the same day. He was charged under subaparagraph „G" of the second part of the Article 11',126 (c) (violence from one member of the family against another member of the family, causing physical pain, committed to two persons) and was sentenced to imprisonment as a preventive measure.
Tbilisi City Court found K.K. guilty in presented accusation and sentenced him to 1 year imprisonment as a type of punishment.