Defendant is sentenced to 8 years in prison for illegal acquisition and possession of drugs

2018-10-05 15:42:10
The Tbilisi City Court shared the evidence submitted by the prosecution on the fact of repeated illegal purchase, storage and illegal consumption of drugs without a doctor’s prescription and found D. B. guilty. 
The evidence submitted to the court confirmed that on 1 August 2018, D. B., under conditional sentence for drug-related crime, illegally acquired and stored drugs "heroin".
Law enforcers detained D.B. on August 1, 2018, in Ponichala village, Tbilisi. 0.0123 gr. heroin, packed in two separate piece of cloth, was seized as a result of his personal search. As a result of his drug test, illegal consumption of drugs from opium group was detected. 
D.B. was charged under the Criminal Code of Georgia, Article 260, part III, d, and e (Illegal purchase and storage of drugs repeatedly,  by a person who has previously committed any of the offences defined in this Chapter) and Article 273 (illegal consumption of drugs without medical prescription) and was sentenced to imprisonment as a preventive measure.
The Tbilisi City Court found D.B. guilty in the chargesheet and cumulatively sentenced him to eight-year imprisonment as a punishment and preventive measure.