On the bases of the appeal of prosecutor’s office Tbilisi Court of Appeals found acquitted people guilty in extortion of money and violence

2018-09-12 19:10:27
The Tbilisi Court of Appeals fully satisfied the appeal of the Chief Prosecutor's Office of Georgia, annulled the verdict of acquittal of the Tbilisi City Court of February 2, 2018 and the defendants K.F. and B.J, accused of committing extortion of money and violence, found guilty in presented accusations. 
During the trial, it was confirmed for fair that the persons under conditional sentence K.F, R.Zh and B.J. told  one of the businessman that 25% share of the gas station must be handed to K.F. by the decision of the thieves in law. After receiving a refusal from the businessman, the above mentioned persons physically insulted the businessman and threatened to commit violence against him if he did not fulfill their request. 
After that KF, R.Zh. and B.J. systematically met with the victim and demanded from him giving the share to K.F. or delivering 200 000 $ dollars. 
In addition, it was confirmed that on May 14, 2017, by using a weapon K.F. threatened his wife M.G. to end her life.  
The Tbilisi Court of Appeal found all three persons guilty in criminal accusations and K.F. was sentenced to (subparagraphs "a" and "d" 2nd section of the Criminal Code of Georgia, article 120 and article 111,151) 5 years of imprisonment by accumulative sentencing and judgements, while R.Zh. and BJ, (subparagraphs "a" and "d" of 2nd section of 181 of Criminal Code of Georgia and section 1st of article 126) each of them, were sentenced to 4 years and 6 months of imprisonment.