The Prosecutor's Office launched an investigation in connection with audio recording spread in media outlets on the fact of committing a possible fraud

2018-09-12 17:16:46

On September 12, Tbilisi Prosecutor's Office launched an investigation into the audio recording spread in the media outlets.

The Criminal Case has been initiated under subparagraph “b” of the third part of the article 180 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which involves getting into possession large amounts of money deceitfully.

The basis for launching the investigation became an audio recording spread through various media outlets, which was supposedly made between L.K and Z.O, where it refers to restructuring the existing debt of the state budget in exchange for two million US dollars.

In addition, the connection with the circumstances recorded in the audio recording rejected a businessman U.M. on September 11, 2018, whose name is presumably mentioned in the conversation.

At this stage of investigation, in connection with this case will be conducted with investigative and procedural actions, and the public will be informed about taken decisions.